2022 SENIOR COMPETITION Rules & Regulations

Download PDF of the Rules & Regulations

Ages 18 – 31 Years Old

PRIZES:  $36,000 in cash prizes


1. The 2021 will now take place in 2022. The Waring International Piano Competition is open to pianists of any nationality and will take place from April 10, 2022 through April 18, 2022.

2. The Competition is not open to previous first prize winners of the Senior Divisions of the Waring International Piano Competition.

3. Up to twenty-five (25) applicants will be admitted to the Competition based on audition DVDs viewed by a distinguished selection committee.

4. All contestants are required to show proof of vaccination against Covid19.


1. The 2022 Waring International Piano Competition will be held in Palm Desert. Solo rounds, concerto preliminary round and master classes will be held on the College of the Desert campus from April 10 through April 16, 2022. Master classes with members of the jury will be held on Saturday, April 16. The concerto finals with orchestra will be held in the McCallum Theatre, Palm Desert, on Monday, April 18, 2022.

2. Contestants are financially responsible for their travel to and from Palm Desert, and must show valid proof of vaccination against Covid19.

3. All competitors must arrive by Saturday, April 9, 2022. Competitors should plan to stay for the entire competition.

4. All applicants invited to the Competition are responsible for their own travel documents: visas, passports, etc. Please ask the nearest US Embassy or US Consulate for required documents to enter the United States. It may take several weeks to obtain proper travel documents.

5. All contestants must give credit in all future publicity for all awards won in the 2022 Waring International Piano Competition.

6. The competition reserves the right, without payment of fees, to record and distribute recordings for media and other purposes, including the Internet, and to televise, broadcast, film, record, videotape, photograph, or stream live all stages of the competition, all prize performances, and concerts.

7. By applying to the competition, applicants agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Competition.

8. The Competition reserves the right to make necessary changes as circumstances dictate.
9. If a juror is the teacher of one of the contestants, he or she will not be able to participate in the Competition and will receive a full refund.


1. Each contestant will be offered host-family lodging, local transportation, and reasonable access to a practice piano.

2. Housing will be provided free of charge to each accepted contestant for the duration of the competition.

3. Contestants who decline host-family housing will be responsible for their own lodging and local transportation, with possibly limited piano practice time.


1. The Application Deadline for the 2022 Senior Competition is October 15, 2021.

2. The Application Form may be found and submitted on-line at www.vwipc.org. The application as a Word Document (leaving off sensitive information such as social security number or passport number) and a high resolution jpeg photo may also be emailed to info@vwipc.org.

3. The required supporting materials must be postmarked by October 15, 2021 and sent to VWIPC, 73710 Fred Waring Drive, # 201, Palm Desert, CA 92260 USA.

4. All applications must be electronically prepared or typed; hand-written applications will be disqualified.

5. An application fee of US$200.00 (two hundred US dollars) must be received in the Waring office at 73710 Fred Waring Drive, # 201, Palm Desert, CA 92260 USA. You may pay it online when you submit your application OR you may send in payment by US check or credit card with the mailed requirements of the application. (See Cover Pages for instructions) Please do NOT require a signature on your mailed material as this delays the receipt of the package.

6. Required Supporting Materials to be mailed include:
a. Proof of age (photocopy of birth certificate or passport) – Must be between the ages of 18 and 31 on April 10, 2022 (the first day of the competition)
b. If US citizen or Resident, copy of US Social Security Card
c. A non–refundable application fee of US $200.00, if not previously paid on line.
d. An unedited performance on DVD, accompanied by a list of the included repertoire if not submitted online – (see specifications below)
e. Biographical material if not submitted online
f. High resolution JPEG or TIFF head shot photo on CD, if not previously sent by email.

7. KEEP COPIES OF ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS. Acknowledgement of your on-line application will be sent to you by email from the website. If you do not receive this email within ten working days, contact us immediately.


1. Please choose your repertoire carefully BEFORE you submit your application. Once accepted, no repertoire changes will be allowed.

2. Preliminary Judges will know each competitor ONLY by a randomly selected number. If a DVD is sent, all biographical and personal information will be kept from the judges.

3. Each competitor must prepare a 75-minute solo program. Solo repertoire for the Competition must include works from these categories:
Baroque or Classical
Major Romantic Work or Group
Works written after 1920

Particular repertoire should be identified for each round of the solo competition. Repertoire may be repeated only in the Final Round.

4. If entering the concerto round, you must prepare one complete concerto, chosen from the following:
Beethoven Concerto no. 4 in G Major, Op 58
Rachmaninoff Concerto no.1 in f # minor
Ravel Concerto in G Major
Prokofiev Concerto no.1 in Db Major

5. All solo and concerti must be performed by memory and must be prepared in their entirety.

6. The Competition will provide accompanists for Concerto Round one. Appropriate rehearsal time will be arranged by the Competition.

7. All decisions of the jury will be final. Written comments from the judges will be mailed to all contestants within six (6) weeks following the competition.

8. All rounds of the Competition and master classes will be open to the public audience.

Solo Round I: All competitors will perform a 30 (THIRTY) minute solo program.

Solo Round II – Semi-Finals: Between six (6) and nine (9) contestants will be selected to compete in the Semi-Final round, performing 45 minute solo programs of different repertoire.

Solo Round III – Finals: Three (3) finalists will be selected to present 45 minute programs. Prizes will be awarded following the solo finals. Note: The first place solo winner performs at the McCallum Theatre after the concerto finals on April 18, and before announcing the awards.

Concerto Round I: Those entering the concerto competition must perform a concerto from the list provided with second piano accompaniment.

Concerto Round II – Finals: Three finalists will be selected to perform full concerti with orchestra, with one rehearsal in the McCallum Theatre. Prizes will be awarded immediately following the performances.

Master Class: Contestants not advancing to the finals will have the opportunity to participate in a Master Class with one of the adjudicators free of charge on Saturday April 16.


1. Applicants may (but don’t have to) choose preliminary audition repertoire different from the works they plan to perform during the competition.

2. The audition DVD must have at least 30 minutes of diverse solo repertoire. You must include one Étude that demonstrates your technical dexterity. This Étude must be the first chapter of the DVD and chosen from the Etudes of Chopin, Debussy, Ligeti, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, or Scriabin. The preliminary audition solo repertoire must be chosen from these categories:
Baroque or Classical Sonata
Major Romantic Work or Group
Works written after 1920

i. The DVD must be playable on a regular DVD player (not VCD or computer)
ii. Each piece of repertoire on the audition DVD needs to have a separate chapter number and must be listed correctly by chapter number on the application form.
iii. Each work on the DVD must be an unedited performance / rehearsal.
iv. You may make a compilation from different performances / rehearsals, as long as each piece is unedited.

4. Each applicant should view and listen to his or her DVD to confirm its quality and completeness.

5. Screening judges will not have any biographical information on the applicants. Decisions are made solely based on the audition DVD.